Top 10 Most Useful Hiking Products

With hundreds of different Hiking products available in the market nowadays, choosing the right pieces of hiking equipment that you need in your trips can be very difficult and time-consuming.

Here are 10 of the most useful hiking products that you do without and still survive your camping trip. But having them in your backpack or with you can really make the hiking experience even better.

1. Marmot Aura Tent: Marmot Aura tent is a lightweight backpacking, 2-persons tent, that’s absolutely perfect for hiking.

Weighing less than 5 pounds, the main features of Marmot Aura tent includes strong and stable aluminum DAC frame that can easily be set up in minutes, unique pole configuration that saves weight, near vertical walls that provide ample space for the occupants’ movement and two doors for quick bear escapes.

2. Down Hugger EXP sleeping bag: Designed specially for chilly outdoor expeditions, Down Hugger EXP sleeping bag provides a good night’s sleep outdoors like any other even in minus 20 degree temperatures.

The durable elastic stitching system of the sleeping bag provides matchless freedom of movement. Simultaneously drawing the insulation closer to your body, the stitching system also minimizes dead space to stay heated throughout the night.

Main features of the Down Hugger EXP sleeping bag includes neck adjuster, tunnel hood, neck baffle, draft tube and a foot adjuster to keep you comfortable in the sleeping bag from head to toe.

3. Coleman Traipse X45 backpack: The new 2008 Coleman Traipse X45 backpack allows you to trek through the woods without having any feeling of heavy load burden on your back.

Weighing just 3 pounds, the lightweight internal frame of Traipse x45 backpack has a capacity of 45 liters and allows weight-conscious campers to keep it light without having to endure any of the unnecessary dilemmas when packing for mountain hiking.

Coleman Traipse X45 backpack has features such as floating top lid, reflective loops with plastic sheathing, zippered and divided kangaroo pocket. The adjustable sliding sternum strap and fixed structure pad waist belt provide comfort when carrying the bag.

4. Mountain House Food: A mountain house food is a quick and tasty meal of mashed potatoes and grilled chicken breast that are cooked and flavored with herbs and chives. The standup pouch of mountain house food includes ready to eat fully-cooked grilled chicken and only needs boiling water to make it ready to serve.

5. Picnic for one: This particular picnic set which is made from lightweight durable materials is specially designed for adventurers and arduous sportsmen.

Whether it is a plate, spice castor, cutlery or a cup, each individual element of the set serves its purpose. All elements of the set are ingenuously fit together inside a waterproof cylinder case for genuine portability.

6. Light Hiking Shoes: Ahnu Moraga light hiking shoes offer waterproof protection for quick hiking trips. The Quitelight construction principle of the shoes focuses on superior comfort and the materials used in construction offers exceptional strength to weight ratio.

Main features of the light hiking shoes include waterproof full-grain leather, polyester lining wick moisture, compression-molded EVA midsoles for shock absorption, non-marking rubber outsoles.

7. Camping Rope: Ideal for hiking and other outdoor activities like securing equipment, the heavy duty camping rope is a very useful and an essential tool for hiking. The durability of the camping rope depends greatly on how hard it was pulled and how often the hikers use it.

8. Garmin Colorado GPS: Whether you are hiking or fishing in an unfamiliar river or Geocaching with family, Garmin Colorado GPS brings your environment to life in an unprecedented detail.

Available in different versions, Garmin Colorado 400 series sports an innovative scroll wheel joystick controller. With so many features and customizable options, Garmin Colorado is both remarkable and easy to use.

9. Multi-function Crutch: Specially designed for hiking purpose and are suitable for all age groups from children to older adults for climbing or other outdoor activities, multifunctional crutch is an excellent handmade hiking stick.

It is a multifunctional forearm crutch that has a LED torch with alarm and red signals, and also an excellent shock absorber with superior shock absorbing characteristics.

10. Waterproof binoculars: If you love observing birds while hiking in the woods, don’t forget to carry a waterproof binocular. Having a waterproof binocular allows you to view distant objects using both eyes.

Hand held binocular range from glasses with 7 to 12 diameters magnification to small 3 x 10 opera glasses used in theatres. Fog proof and water proof binoculars are durably designed to withstand the very adventures that you love to magnify.

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