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Reviews of Top Camping Sites in Britain

British Camping Sites

If you're planning for a holiday in UK and are looking for a good campsite, you wont be disappointed with your options. There are plenty of caravan sites and camping areas where people can spend some quality time while enjoying their holidays in UK.

When organised well and with friends or family, camping is a truly memorable experience, which is why those who love it, usually end up doing it very often. Here are some reviews on the best caravan sites for camping during a holiday in the UK.

East Sussex

Wowo, Uckfield is a wonderful option for camping for many reasons. There are events such as superhero football that keep people entertained. How about more of wilderness activity too, with courses for fire craft and knife craft, demos for archery and workshops for yurt-building you'll be able to develop your survival skills. More importantly, this is one area that's known for its music which is why you can club your camping experience with live acoustic shows in the barn on Fridays. Give yourself a rocking time. The charges for this campsite are very low at around 10 pounds a night.

North Yorkshire

If you're one of those people who are looking for a genuine camping experience with mystic moorland, dam building, rope swinging, winding river and good outdoor weather, Rosedale Abbey is one of the better places to pick for camping. In fact, you've two tent only fields where you might find other families camping around as well to reduce the eeriness factor a bit. There are some adventure activities to be enjoyed nearby. This is open between March and October, at a nominal price of around 14 pounds per family of four.


Eweleaze farm on the coastal side includes a 1km stretch of the Jurassic Coast beach which is quite a favourite for campers who prefer the blue seas close by. Part of the reason is because it permits fossil hunting and swimming which could be fun. An even better reason is a huge camping field where large groups can build campfires and have fun until early in the morning on a gentle autumn night. There is an organic farm shop close by along with a pizza van and an organic kebab barn, if you ran low on your food supplies. You can also take an 8-mile hike to the Lulworth Cove. The only real issue could be timing as this farm is open only in the month of August.


Broad Meadow House in Charlestown is another campsite that you'd love. May to September is perfect for a holiday in UK and this is when this campsite opens its doors for campers at a nominal price of around 9 pounds. Deluxe tents including breakfast are available at request for 20 pounds. Very close to the blue seas and the harbour, adjacent to golden wheat fields is this poetic place that provides true joy and sense of leisure and old world charm that some people look for. The freshly made smoothie and the breakfast isn't something to be missed.

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British Camping Sites

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British Camping Sites
British Camping Sites
British Camping Sites
British Camping Sites
British Camping Sites

British Camping Sites

British Camping Sites

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