Winter camping tips

When people think of outdoor camping, they typically imagine summer vacations: warm days, clear starry nights, nature in full-bloom. But few campers think about camping in the winter season. However, like summer camping, winter camping is also pleasurable if you know how to prepare suitably for winter.

One advantage of winter camping is that you don’t have as much group – children are back in school, and the cold climate keeps the crowds away. The strange beauty of winter is another draw: imagine motionless silhouettes of bare tree branches, refreshingly cold and crisp air, a light dusting of recently fallen snow. And if the landscape doesn’t entice you, well, know that winter camping charges are as cheap as they come.

Still, winter camping also presents a number of unique hazards and risks. Here I give some suggestions that can effectively minimize those risks.

Prepare the Right Equipment

You’ll need a few unusual items in addition to your regular camping equipment, including a heavier latent bag and bedding to combat colder temperatures. It is also important to bring heavier, warmer clothing. You’ll need a dependable source of light during the darker days and longer nights.

LEDs are brighter than other bulbs, and they need less energy, so I recommend them for outdoor winter camping expeditions. Choose an LED lamp to enjoy the most light around the campground. A moveable LED flashlight is more suitable for moving about the campground at dusk. Better yet, a LED headlamp will free up both hands for optimized competence and expediency.

Don’t fail to notice packing a good knife. A combo knife or multi-tool is a great choice for serving multiple requirements. When you’re in potentially dangerous conditions, it’s best to be as prepared and have as much at your disposal as you can carry.

Ensure you have sufficient storage for all your provisions. It should be waterproof and airtight, to shut out the winter weather. Beef up your survival kit. In addition to basic first-aid supplies, make sure you have an emergency blanket, a whistle, and a reliable source of fire, like waterproof matches, a lighter, fire-starter, candles, etc.

Winter camping safety tips

Before you leave from home, tell someone where you’re going to and give them a schedule of camping. If you will be camping in the wild, be sure you thoroughly know the area where you’re heading. Obtain any maps you will need and be comfortable with basic map-reading skills like using a compass.

Ensure somebody in your camping trip is educated in basic wilderness first-aid experienced in camping. Check the weather condition before you leave, so you know what to imagine. Really, you should be prepared for any situation, as weather has a tendency to change unexpectedly during the winter season.

When you are sufficiently prepared and take the right safety measures, the advantages of winter camping heavily balance its disadvantages. Have a happy winter camping

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